• The Kids

    The irresistibly cute kids TiiPii Bed suited to both the indoors out

The Kids

The collection for the smallest adventurers

Our Kids TiiPii Beds allow children to experience the relaxing sensation of floating just above the ground and encourages relaxation, creativity, and imagination.

The Kids

Featuring the same open design as the full size version, it provides children their own little haven to experience the relaxing sensation of floating just above the ground.

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Perfect for any Playroom

Assemble in the playroom and easily bring out into the garden to enjoy the summer months.

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Durable, strong and easily assembled

Constructed from powder coated steel that is durable, strong and perfectly paired for outdoor use. Easily assembled in 5-10 minutes and packs down just as quickly.

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Explore in our floating play den

Easily attaching to the outside of the TiiPii stand this accessory turns the floating bed into an indoor play den for kids to enjoy.

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Or transform into a snug...

Utterly perfect for outside use, as well as turning the hanging daybed into a cozy floating teepee tent, so it can be enjoyed outside, or camped inside.

Lightweight and transportable

At only 9lbs the Kids TiiPii Bed provides the option of packing up into a 24in bag so it can be easily stored away or transported wherever you choose. 

Whether that be to the park, a friends house, camping, the beach, or even away on vacation, we've got you covered.