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Introducing Our Bambino Collection

Introducing Our Bambino Collection

TiiPii as a brand was born and created in order to encourage a relaxing and luxurious environment, whether you are taking a bed away to relax on the beach, have a glass of wine with a friend or using it to get some work done in the middle of the day, the TiiPii Bed was created to fulfil all of these needs. When looking to expand the range, in order to add more luxury into our customers daily life, we realised that a range for children was missing, and therefore the Bambino collection was born.

We wanted to create a product that had all the luxury of the classic TiiPii range, but was perfect for children. The Bambino collection allows children to experience all the luxury from our traditional ranges, but with a fun twist, allowing your little ones to enjoy and experience the relaxing sensation of floating off the ground and giving them a chance for their imaginations to flow. Being smaller than the traditional TiiPii bed, the Bambino range is perfect to hang in your children's bedroom or have it ready to hang outside for the warmer months, being beautifully suited and designed for both inside or out.

Featuring the same design as the classic version, the Bambino collection allows children to experience the same sensations of floating and imagination as that of classic line.

Being smaller than any other TiiPii Bed means it is that much easier to put together; taking only 5-10 minutes to assemble and needing just one person to set it up, the Bambino TiiPii really is perfect for any household. It is also just as easy to disassemble as it is to put up, meaning if you are tight on space you can easily put it away when you are done with it for convenience. Weighing only 9 lbs, the Bambino TiiPii is easy and lightweight to transport, so can easily be taken away with you to enjoy on day trips out, all fitting into a 24 inch bag.

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