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Mindful moments

Create your own mini sanctuary, a place where tranquility intertwines with the essence of togetherness, evoking peace and mindfulness.

A touch of ambiance

Create an oasis of calm and sophistication within your space by transforming it into a tranquil and stylish retreat.

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Where luxury meets practicality, boasting a waterproof and spillproof design for an indulgent and worry-free retreat.

Packable & Transportable

Assembles easily & compacts down into convenient carry bags to store between uses and for enjoyment at home or away.

Luxury living

More than just a piece of furniture; it's an embodiment of relaxation and style that adds a unique and inviting ambiance to any room.

Where durability meets design

We use only the finest UV & weather-resistant materials, so you can enjoy our furniture for years to come.

We believe that furniture should be as functional as it is beautiful, and we designed every product with this in mind.

Room for everyone

Our products are made for fun, laughter, and creating special memories together. Our large beds can hold 3-4 people comfortably or up to 550 lbs.

Our furniture inspires relaxation and balance by exploring the space between indoors and out, home and vacation, family and solo time.

Simplicity and functionality

Crafted with intentionality and showcasing a design that effortlessly integrates style into your living environment.

The suspended design offers the feeling of floating just above the ground with a soothing, soft, and natural form that is stylishly organic.

Convenient portability

All elements compact down into convenient transportable canvas storage bags… Giving you the option to take the TiiPii on vacation or on the road to your next adventure.

Designed with the modern adventurer in mind, all of our products boasts a unique ability to pack down, making it the perfect companion for those on the go.

Accessories to match

Discover our collection of purposefully crafted Home Goods.

Decorative Pillows

Our pillows feature premium fabrics and eye-catching patterns for a lasting impact.

Sunbrella Throws

Sunbrella throws bring unmatched durability and comfort to all your favorite spaces.

Peace & tranquility

Immerse your space in tranquility and serenity with our captivating hanging furniture. Let the soothing embrace of our designs infuse your environment with a profound sense of peace and calm.


Championing the preservation of precious natural resources and fervently advocating for long-term sustainability to ensure a flourishing legacy for generations to come.