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Sika Design

Since 1942, the natural material rattan has been the cornerstone of Sika-Design. Our mission is to produce furniture from materials that have the least possible impact on the environment, and that our customers can, and want to keep, for many years. Sustainability is therefore woven into our DNA, and green transitioning has become a fixed focal point at Sika-Design.

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The Monet Outdoor Chair by Sika Design is a high-backed lounge chair with a gently curved back and arms that swoop around to form the chair front.


Our story begins with Ankjær Andreasen in 1942

Sika-Design was established in 1942 by Ankjær Andreasen. Under the name "Jysk Siv og Halmkunst" (Jutish Reeds and Straw Art), Ankjær established a production of smaller wicker products which were made by home basket makers in Jutland, Denmark. Since there was a shortage of raw materials during the war, the production was based on free Danish raw materials, such as straw and reeds.

TiiPii Bed

Sustainability at the Highest Level

When you sit down in a piece of furniture from Sika-Design, it is not only comfortable and durable, it is also made from one of nature’s most environmentally friendly materials. One of the natural attributes of the rattan plant, is to form a symbiosis with the surrounding trees.Rattan need the rainforest to thrive. As a natural raw material, rattan grows very quickly and is usually harvested by hand by local farmers - the most eco-friendly way.

TiiPii Bed

A Tradition-Bound Craft

Sika Design’s factories are located in Indonesia, where the wickerwork is a tradition-bound craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation. The harvest is done by hand, using only a few machines in the process. The rattan stems only need to be steamed for 10-15 minutes before they can be formed and weaved by the skillful makers. At Sika Design we value original craftsmanship, which combines proud weaving traditions with a sustainable and modern production, where social responsibility is valued high.