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Creating your very own Winter Wonderland

Creating your very own Winter Wonderland

Winter is here, and it’s the perfect season to get cozy and enjoy all the comfort and family time that the chilly season brings. And if you want to rest and relax while still enjoying the great outdoors (or indoors), creating a comfortable atmosphere is everything. 

Whether you’re traveling to your holiday home or staying put with loved ones this time of year, a TiiPii Bed family hammock can bring you year-round enjoyment with a little artistry and imagination.  So why not let us make your dream nook a reality…?

Snuggle up this Winter

We’re inspiring you to get creative with the family this winter...  After all, our luxury floating daybeds can be for all-year-round enjoyment - not just for the summer months.

Why not create your very own winter wonderland with our Deluxe TiiPii Bed and Stand Set outside around the fire pit?  

Keep toasty and warm with our super cozy Weatherproof Poncho Cover that fits snuggly around the bed and zips up - keeping the cold air out and the warmth and good times in. Then simply grab your favorite winter-warmer blankets, textured throws, comfy cushions, and fairy lights and jump inside. It’s time to snuggle up, buttercup!!

Alternatively, you could pitch our soft canvas Classic TiiPii Bed up inside.. Whether you pair it with our Classic TiiPii Bed Stand or free-hang it from an overhead beam, you can enjoy the feeling of a cloud-like hanging daybed whilst watching your favorite family classics with fur babies and loved ones.

So what exactly is a TiiPii Bed..?

We at TiiPii Bed offer luxury hanging furniture that inspires relaxation and balance by exploring the space between indoors and out, home and vacation, and family and solo time. Our swing bed products take your home or hotel aesthetic to the next level, and we do so with excellent quality offerings and finishings.

With 3 ranges to choose from, our products are made from high-quality, durable, and weather-resistant materials that are carefully designed to provide beauty and long-term relaxation. Moreover, we produce luxury daybeds that are not just for you, but for the entire family. Our products are made for fun, laughter, and creating special memories together. Our large hanging daybeds can comfortably hold 3-4 people or up to 550 lbs.

Love the ‘Classics’…

If you have a penchant for all things sophisticated at home, our Classic Collection is the perfect option for you. We offer our home-lounging swing bed in soft-to-touch poly-cotton canvas in a range of warm and earthy hues. You can choose to pair it with our additional compliments within the Classic range such as our Powder-Coated Steel Hammock Stand and Weatherproof Poncho Covers so you can wrap up warm and settle right into your hammock bed and relax.

Devine ‘Deluxe’…

If you want to create a luxurious vibe in an outdoor space where the climate or environment is a little more demanding, then you’ll love our Deluxe Collection. This is our premium outdoor and commercial-grade performance range specifically made for year-round enjoyment at home and within the hospitality sector.

Every set from this decadent collection features waterproof Sunbrella® fabric, solar-resistant ropes, reinforced aluminum rings, and a 316 stainless steel stand. Moreover, these products are anti-stain, anti-mildew, and anti-UV, reassuring you that your Deluxe TiiPii Bed and Stainless Steel Hammock Stand will be enjoyed without worry and far beyond the seasons, through and through.
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