• Kids | TiiPii Stand
  • Kids | TiiPii Stand
  • Kids | TiiPii Stand
  • Kids | TiiPii Stand
  • Kids | TiiPii Stand
  • Kids | TiiPii Stand

Kids TiiPii Stand

‘Kids TiiPii Bed collection for relaxation, creativity and pure imagination’

Features of the Kids TiiPii Stand

  • Perfectly paired with the Bambino TiiPii Bed
  • Made with durable powder-coated steel
  • Suitable for indoor & light outdoor use
  • Assembles easily in 5 mins or less
  • Compacts down into a small canvas bag
  • Optional ‘Play Cover’ or ‘Poncho Weather Covers’ available 
  • Supports up to 175lbs
  • Weighs only 11lbs 

 Kids TiiPii Stand 3.3ft (ø) x 4.25ft 

This miniature stand is specially designed for suspending the ‘Kids Bambino TiiPii Bed’. 

Constructed from durable powder-coated steel that is strong, safe, and long-lasting. Our stand is easily assembled and conveniently packs down into our small canvas carry bag. Allowing you to set up a little world of TiiPii without boundaries, for enjoyment both inside and out.

Perfectly paired with the Kids Play-Cover that wraps around to transform the hanging daybed into an adorable sensory hideaway space for relaxation and play. 

Our Kids TiiPii Bed sets easily brings a little world of magic to any playroom or family home.



Kids TiiPii Stand W:3.3ft (ø) x H:4.25ft 

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  • Two-year warranty
  • 30-Day Returns

Shipping & Refunds 

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Suitable for all ages

Inside & Outside

Ambiant Net Included

Free Hang or Stand Up

Easy Assembly

Lightweight & Transportable

Weather, Mold & UV Resistant

Machine Washable