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TiiPii Collective

TiiPii Bed is evolving into a collective, offering a curated selection of sustainable, unique, and trendy products that perfectly complement our iconic floating beds. Each piece in our collection is designed to enhance your home with style and functionality, embodying our commitment to eco-friendly materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

TiiPii Bed

Sika Design

TiiPii Bed and Sika Design have come together to offer an unparalleled blend of luxury, sustainability, and handcrafted elegance.

TiiPii Bed


TiiPii Bed and HOUE are collaborating to create the ultimate outdoor living experience. Combining TiiPii's iconic floating beds with HOUE's stylish, functional furniture, both brands emphasize sustainability, luxury, and exceptional craftsmanship.

TiiPii Bed

ROOLF Living

TiPii's handcrafted designs create a dreamy relaxation space, while Roolf Living's contemporary pieces enhance this with modern elegance.