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Holiday In Luxury

Holiday In Luxury

Luxury travel...something many of us have dreamed of. Although we all wish we could fly first class to far away tropical destinations, this may not be attainable for many of us...however, do not stress! There are still so many ways that you can have a luxurious holiday without blowing the bank. 

Book a holiday doing what you love. If you are passionate about city breaks, but hate skiing, then book a city break. Nothing will feel truly luxurious if you aren't enjoying what you do. When you are in a space that feels natural to be in, you will automatically feel like you are having a far better time and get the most out of your trip.

Bring along a few luxurious items that make you feel your best. Some room mists and clothing that you feel confident in will always make you feel your best and make the day that bit more luxurious. What you are wearing can massively change your confidence and mood, so choosing items that make you feel great is key. 

If you are heading down to spend the day at the beach, one of the worst experiences can be trying to lay your towel on the sand and having it blowing everywhere, making the experience rather difficult. When you are away, you want to be able to relax in luxury with little to no effort.

Our Deluxe TiiPii Bed has been designed for the pool and beach, so why not pack it along with you for your holidays. Weighing only 16-20 lbs and packing down into a small carry bag, this bed is the perfect size and weight to take away with you, so when you get to the beach, you can put your bed up in 10 minutes and spend the day laying in luxury. Crafted from 'sunbrella' material, your bed will be durable for any weather conditions whilst you are relaxing on the beach.

Luxury does not have to mean 5 star hotels or first class flights, but rather, the little things you have in-between during the course of your holiday which add a special touch whilst you are away.

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